Systopic has been a renowned brand in the sphere of Gastroenterology for over two decades. We specialize in offering therapeutic solutions for the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acid-Peptic Disorders and Hepatoprotection. Normaxin is our flagship brand in IBS segment. It is a pioneering product that provides a triple combination of an antispasmodic, anti-secretory as well as an anxiolytic for comprehensive IBS management.

We revitalized the Acid-Peptic Disorder segment with the launch of Cyra, which offers cutting-edge proton pump inhibitor and Rabeprazole, used in the inhibition of gastric acidity. With its unique release pattern, Cyra-D is the most preferred option for the treatment of co-existing reflux and dyspepsia. For GI motility disorders with GERD, we offer Cyra-IT and introduced Cyra-LS.

We have introduced Cyraflora, a Supplemental Therapy to help maintain gut flora, containing both pre and probiotic. Cyraflora offers 10 different strains, with each strain having different advantages for different indications to cater to all your needs as supplement to maintain gut flora.

Hepatoprotectives is another key segment for us, wherein we market a naturally acting liver activator in the form of Analiv in both oral and injectable forms.

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