Year Event Description
2014Launched: Sysfol Activ An Active Folic Acid Supplement
2013Launched: TOPP The Topmost Pantoprazole
2013Launched: Kinetozyme Addresses all dimensions of inflammation and oedema
2012Launched: Daily Shine Shining Days are back again
2012Launched: Daily Iron The first IRON powder with DHA
2012Launched: Systaflam-MR For swift mobility
2012Launched: VOGS Victory over PPHG levels
2011Launched: AF-300 The trendsetter in Fluconazole Therapy
2010Launched: NAC SR-150 Reinventing Knack for Excellence in Pain Management
2009Launched: Salcare Redefining Skin Care
2006Launched: AF-400Pathbreaking revolution in Antifungal Therapy
2002Launched: Piosys Pioneering Pharmacoeconomics Initiative
2001Launched: Topisal 6% Scaling the Heights in Scaly Dermatoses
2000Launched: ETOSYS Redefining Haemostatic Therapy
1994Launched: Amcard Amcard is the first Indian Amlodipine brand
1994Launched: NAC SR-75 Knack for Excellence in Pain Management
1989Launched: Normaxin The launch of Normaxin represents a breakthrough in IBS management
1984Company Established Systopic Laboratories Private Limited established as a company